Moonzy: Bedtime Stories

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And again, free games for boys and girls are renewed with a new interesting game. This time, it is a game from series Bedtime Stories. A lullaby game is a special type of games. Like every bedtime story, our lullaby game has been created to help your baby to fall asleep. A calm simple gameplay will promote sleepy mood of your child. Favorite heroes from Moonzy will gift a good mood before going to bed. Your kid will see only the sweetest dreams. Our free games for toddlers can prove that.

In such games as Moonzy: Bedtime Stories, baby has to do simple tasks to put to bed  game characters. This time we will put to bed not only only one character, but all friends from Moonzy cartoon. You should not just put to bed, tuck with a blanket and turn off the light, but someone needs something more to fall asleep. For example, Moonzy would not sleep without a good story. Auntie Motya does not like bedtime stories, but she forgets elementary thing, where is her bedroom, for example. Gramma Capa has some unfinished things, and Gen. Sher has almost fallen asleep, but forgot to set the alarm clock. You need to help all of them. And now we go to a new adventures that gives our free games to you and your baby.

Try our new game from series of bedtime stories. Moonzy and his friends are waiting for your baby. Go deep with your kids in the sea of positive emotions! Follow our updates and stay with us. Our free games for boys and girls will always bring joy to you and your kids.
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