Snowboard racing: Sport games

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Winter holidays, snow, mountains. This is a great opportunity to try snowboarding. Hippo adores winter sports. A variety of tracks, interesting assignments, tricks, jumps, all this awaits you in the new game Hippo Snowboarding!

The game contains two modes:

Arcade game mode has 20 exciting levels. In this mode, you need not only snowboard but also collect animals that were lost. Each level has a variety of jumps. Also there are dangers that should be avoided in its path. In each level you have 3 lives. Try not to make mistakes.

Free Ride. In this mode of the game you need to drive as far as possible on a snowboard and gather as many points as you can. The game is limited in time, but you can get additional time by gathering alarm clocks. Perform tricks and get extra points. If you gather up a large number of stars, you get an extra life.

Simple and intuitive control. Each game mode has a training mode for beginners.

– 2 game modes;
– 20 exciting levels;
– Winter sports;
– Training mode;
– A variety of tricks;
– Family Snowboarding;
– Realistic physics;
– Funny and beloved Hippo.

Winter holidays, snowboarding is a lot of fun, especially with Hippo! Complete all the levels and get the maximum number of stars!