Pets care: Bath time


Free Еeducational games for kids are replenished remarkable novelty Again. Hippy loves to jump in muddy puddles. However, during this fun game you can easily get dirty with mud. But it does not matter! More than jumping in puddles, Hippy loves bath and brushing teeth. We go into the bathroom, today we are waiting for a fun baby bathing. Is baby care – boring? Grab foam washcloth and help our beloved little girl to get rid of dirt. Rub her back and brushing teeth.

As you know, our new product – is a free game for boys and girls baby care type. Baby Bathing – initially brings many positive emotions, but when Hippy goes swimming and brushing teeth, fun level exceeds the limit. Nice music and colorful design only add positive emotions for boys and girls. Like all the educational games for kids, our Baby Bathing will bring not only joy, but also a great benefit. The process of the game is aimed at the development of motor coordination and intelligence. In this time of Hippy presented a lively and fun 3-D model. But do not think that bathing children – it is too simple and easy to do. And brushing teeth is not as easy as it seems at first glance. Kids care requires some skill and ingenuity. To get to some spots of dirt, the child will have to turn our heroine in to correct position. Sometimes the dirt is so inaccessible that you will have to wait until the Hippy will raise the arm herself.

Try a fun novelty. Play together with your juniors, and if you want, tell them how to clean up our heroine better. Kids Care – is the great fun! Stay tuned and stay with us. Our free games for boys and girls will always delight you and your kids.